Limited Warranty:

Metro Plug-In (MPI) products come with a standard manufacturer warranty from 1 to 3 years (some manufacturers provide longer warranty periods).  We will, at our discretion, replace or repair any unit for defects in material or manufacturing as directed by the manufacturer. MPI does not, nor does its manufacturers warranty, extend to installation labor.

During the limited warranty period, MPI’s authorized service representative will repair or replace, at our option, a materially defective product at no charge. If MPI repairs this product, we may use new or refurbished replacement parts.  If we choose to replace this product, we may replace it with a new or refurbished product of the same or similar design.

MPI will retain any defective parts, modules, or equipment. Repair or replacement of the product is your exclusive remedy. You should expect the repair or replacement based on the manufacturers terms of warranty.

If MPI repairs or replaces a materially defective product under the terms of this limited warranty, this limited warranty also applies to repaired or replacement products for a period of either (a) 90 days from the date the repaired or replacement product is shipped to you or (b) the time remaining on the original manufacturers limited warranty, whichever is longer.

This warranty does NOT cover:

  • Product that has been subjected to misuse, accident, shipping or other physical damage, improper installation, abnormal operation or handling, neglect, inundation, fire; or
  • Product that has been damaged due to repair, alteration or modification by anyone other than an authorized service representative of MPI; or
  • Product to the extent that the problem experienced is caused by power surge, lightning strike or similar power grid issue; or
  • Product to the extent that the problem is caused by use with non-approved electrical accessories; or
  • Product whose warranty/quality stickers, product serial numbers plates or electronic serial numbers have been removed, altered or rendered illegible; or
  • Product purchased, used, serviced, or shipped for repair from outside the United States; or
  • Charges for installation or set up and installation or repair of systems outside/other than the unit.

For warranty questions or claims, contact or 770-321-1000.

For Eaton specific questions or claims, please contact them directly at 855-386-3873.

Before calling for service, please check the user’s manual as a check of the product’s features may save you a service call.  If the product failure is not covered by this limited warranty, MPI will notify you and will request you to authorize the cost of repair prior to any further repair activity. You must pay for the cost of repair and return shipping costs for the repair of products that are not covered by this limited warranty.