Did you know that by “Connecting” with certain ChargePoint stations that you may be able to get special pricing?

Making connections with ChargePoint to receive additional benefits is easy.  Start by opening your ChargePoint mobile application and from the home screen follow the simple steps below:


1)  One the home screen, click on the lines in the upper right hand corner of the screen to access the settings menu



2)  When the settings menu slides open, click on the ‘Account’ tab


3)  From the list of options in the Account menu, click on the ‘Connections’ tab on the bottom


4)  This screen will a list of all of your current connections (if any).  On the bottom of the screen, click the ‘Browse Connections’ tab


5)  From here you can browse publicly visible connections to join.  However, generally you be supplied with a connection code to input.  In the red circle in the image below, type in the connection code that you have been supplied. (It is case and space sensitive so be carful inputting, especially with autocorrect)


6)  Once you have correctly typed in the connection code, you will see the station populate underneath; select the station by clicking it


7)  An offer detail page will appear detailing the station name and offer, along with a field asking for a piece of information that will allow you the special rate.  Often times this will be an email address or employee number.  (it will state what info is required).  Type in the required information, click the accept terms and conditions box, and then click the ‘Submit Connection Request’ button.


8)  You will now be at your original Connections screen that will show you any active or pending connections you may have.  Most connections are not set up to approve automatically and will require a waiting period until it is verified that you are eligible for the special rate or not (though some are set up for auto approval and will activate instantly.)