ClipperCreek LCS-25
Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Now Available for Jim Ellis Customers

Small, Reliable, Built to Automotive Standards!

The world’s smallest, UL listed high power residential charging station, built and tested to SAE standards.


  • Installs anywhere – indoors or out!
  • Lights – indicates charging status
  • Cord Hanger – low profile stores cord and connector out of the way

Convenient charging with the LCS-25

  • Reduce charging time from 10 hours (nominal, with included Level 1 charge cord) to less than 4 hours!
  • The LCS-25 provides approximately 14 miles of added range for every hour of charge (compared to 4 miles of range, per hour charged, with the included Level 1 charge cord).
  • Only requires a 25 amp circuit, yet still provides full charging capability for the Chevrolet Volt.
  • Increased Safety – hard wired, no dangerous plugs for prying little fingers.
  • UL Listed Outdoor Rated (NEMA 4) enclosure.
  • Indicators to tell you when the unit has power and when it is charging.
  • No buttons, always ready to charge.
  • Low profile: Smallest Level 2 unit in the industry.
  • Tested to automotive standards for durability and reliability.

Product Specs

  • Electricity requirements: 208V to 240V – 25 Amp Circuit, single phase, 2-wire. Ground; conduit and pigtail are supplied.
  • 11” L x 4” W x 3” D (279mm L x 102mm W x 76mm D)
  • Weight 9 lbs
  • Operating Temperatures: -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to +50°C)



Pat Murphy Electric is offering the following “standard installation” for customers who purchase a Level 2 residential EV charging station (EVCS) from Metro Plug-In.

Standard installation cost: $700

“Standard installation” definition:

  • Install one 25amp, 240volt, single-phase circuit; and mount the EVCS in a residential garage, carport, or exterior wall, as required.
  • Installation includes:
    • 25amp, lockable 2-pole breaker
    • Up to 50 feet of 10/2 wire
    • Pulling permit if required by local code (up to $100).
    • Installed to National Electric Code (NEC) 625 requirements.

The cost for the standard installation is based on the following stipulations:
a) No Service upgrade, or Electrical Panel upgrade, is required.
b) The entire run from the electrical panel to the EVSE installation location is readily accessible.
c) Drywall patching and painting is not included.
d) Permit fees in excess of $100 are not included.
e) Cost of the EVCS unit is not included.
f) If a tandem circuit breaker is required, the cost is an additional $40 (includes labor).
g) Pat Murphy Electric is not responsible for pre-existing code violations.
h) Additional cost of $3.50/foot for installations requiring over 50 feet of wire.

If the electrical contractor inspects the house of a Jim Ellis customer and determines it does not fall under the definition of a “standard” installation, they will provide an estimate to the customer. At this point, should the customer decide not to proceed with the installation, the electrical contractor agrees to waive the normal service-call fee.

Installation will normally be accomplished within 48 hours of notification, or (if required) within 48 hours of the permit being received.

Talk to your Jim Ellis specialist, or call Metro Plug-In (404-654-0585), for pricing and installation information.