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Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043

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The fee structure for the Georgia Gwinnett College chargers is as follows:

  • Staff and current students of Georgia Gwinnett College – FREE for the first 4 hours, $20/hr after
  • Non-staff or students of Georgia Gwinnett College – $2/hr for the first 4 hours, $20/hr after

***Please note, all fees are actually prorated to the minute.  If you go over the first 4 hours by only 1 minute, you will be charged .33 cents, not $20.  You will be charged for the actual time spend connected to the charger.

Click here if you need to know how to connect, then use the information below.

From your mobile app, type the connection code ‘ChargeGGC’ (cap and space sensitive) and click search.  To receive the discounted charging rate you will need to enter your unique ID number (9****) so that your employee/student status can be confirmed.  Once your information is verified you will begin receiving the discounted charging rate.  The connection approval can take up to 10 business days so please connect ahead of time if you are an employee or student of the college.  You can check your phone app to see if the approval has been completed.  Once completed, your ChargePoint application will list the new rate for the station.

Station Map

Main Deck Faculty Lot Building B Student Housing