Eaton’s Pow-R-Station
Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The Most Robust, Flexible Offering of EVSE on the Market

The Level 2 Pow-R-Station electric vehicle charger is NEMA 3R-rated for indoor or outdoor use — it can be wall-mounted for residential or commercial garage installations, or it can be installed as a freestanding pedestal for outdoor use. It is designed with an aluminum housing and is treated with a powder coat paint for durability and long life. It can be operated as a standalone power station, or it can be networked with other power stations that will be operated or managed by one entity.

Using an industry standard J1772E 30A or 70A connector, depending on battery size, the Level 2 charger will easily fill a depleted all-electric vehicle battery in three to four hours.


Installation of the Level 2 Pow-R-Station electric vehicle charger can be performed easily by any qualified electrician. The wall-mount design is much like the installation for an electric stove circuit, and the outside pedestal is comparable to the installation of a lighting bollard circuit. An electrician can also verify whether the size of the branch circuit is correct per NFPA 70 and NEC 625.14 standards.


To meet your application needs, Eaton can interface with third-party authentication systems including but not limited to:

  • Outdoor-rated credit card swipe
  • RFID and HID card readers
  • Key fob readers
  • Synchronous-code keypads

Further, the optional integrated synchronous-code keypad can be used in conjunction with parking lot management systems commonly deployed today to provide a method for both enabling payment and restricting access to the chargers.

Optional Credit Card Reader

The ePort EDGE credit/debit card reader provides users with a secure and intelligent solution to their payment needs associated with EV charging. When equipped on Eaton’s Pow-R-Station family of EV charging stations, charging commences after the user’s selection of a predefined charge session end time and the authorization of payment.

Charging continues until either the predefined session has expired or the user cancels the session. All transactional data for the unit will be recorded and securely accessible via the Web. The ePort EDGE features a 16-character, 2-line LCD display, an LED indicator for transaction status, and an END button to complete or cancel transactions.