Charging Stations

About Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As electric cars start to make an impact on the consumer vehicle market, we’re finding that many people have questions about electric vehicle charging stations. You’ll find informative links, news about EVs, solar solutions and more in our Resources section, but this at-a-glance guide will help you learn about EVSE options.

Electric Vehicle Charging Options

ClipperCreek Charging Station

Level 1 EVSE: This vehicle charging device is included when you purchase a PEV from Chevrolet (a Volt). It plugs into a standard 120 V wall socket in your home or other location and provides your electric car with a “trickle” charge.

Level 2 EVSE (Residential): These charging stations are hard-wired into your home and charge an electric vehicle faster than the Level 1 charger. Learn more about ClipperCreek Level 2 residential charging stations here.

Level 2 EVSE (Commercial): The commercial versions of Level 2 vehicle charging stations offer co-branding options as well as heavy-duty construction, built for consumers to use in a public environment. Options include access control management keypads and card readers to accept payments. Learn more about the Clipper Creek Level 2 public charging stations here, and about Eaton public charging stations here.