Tesla Supercharger Update: 44 Million Miles Enabled

Tesla Supercharger Update: 44 Million Miles Enabled

12 hours ago by Eric Loveday 10

Tesla Supercharger Update

Supercharger Map Asia

Tesla’s most recent Supercharger status update provides us with these figures:

  • 44 million miles enabled
  • 11.8 GWh of energy delivered
  • 1.8 million gallons of gas saved
  • 46 million pounds of CO2 offset
  • Price to customers $0

The figures are impressive, but even Tesla Model S owners know that Tesla is insisting the truth on that $0 price to customers.

Moving on…

Tesla now has 112 Superchargers in North America, 63 in Europe and 17 in Asia.  Most of the recent growth in the Supercharger network has been focused overseas, mainly in Asia and in European countries that previously did not have even one Supercharger station.

source: https://insideevs.com/tesla-supercharger-update-44-million-miles-enabled/