EV Etiquette Cards

We know there is not more frustrating than needing a charge and an EV is sitting there fully charged. Using this link we can start to be more aware to our fellow EV Members.


Just topping off?

Display the green OK TO UNPLUG side.


An EV driver whose trip relies on a charge will know they can unplug your vehicle. If they finish before you return to your car, they can plug you back in.

Need a full charge?

Display the red CHARGE NEEDED side.


EV drivers will know not to unplug your vehicle unless it is fully charged. If all of the stations were occupied when you parked, an EV driver can plug your car in when they unplug.

Get It Today

There are two ways to get the EV Card: print one at home or order one from Plug In America.

Create your own

  1. Download and print the PDF file in color.
  2. Cut along the dotted lines and fold the card in half.
  3. Write your phone number in the space provided on both sides if you would like to be reachable.
  4. Laminate the card (or tape it so it stays folded).

Order from Plug In America

If you do not have access to a color printer, you can order a double-sided, laminated EV Card from ourshop. (Coming soon.)

Source: Plug Inn America